Major Church events/activities A major RCCG evangelistic outreach event is the “Let’s go fishing” program, which holds primarily during the major Christian festive seasons of Christmas and Easter. The events are typically held at previously unevangelized communities. An RCCG church is usually started at the location for the benefit of the new converts and the larger community. The most popular of the church’s activities is the monthly Holy Ghost service attended by millions of people from within Nigeria and abroad. Live broadcasts are transmitted on TV, Radio & also streamed over the internet. The program is regularly attended by RCCG and non RCCG members, as well as people from other faiths. The immediate past venue of the monthly Holy Ghost Services was the 1 km2 main auditorium, located at the popular Redemption Camp on the outskirts of Lagos in Ogun State, Nigeria. Starting in November, 2016, the venue of the monthly Holy Ghost services is now at the new 3km X 3km auditorium(in an area popularly referred to as Ṣìmáwá), which is still located on the expansive grounds of the Redemption Camp. Starting with the November 2016 Holy Ghost Service (as well as subsequent services), the 1 km2 auditorium is being used as a primary viewing center. Among other reasons, the ever growing crowd of worshipers that attend services at the Redemption Camp, especially during the church’s Annual Convention that holds in August and the Holy Ghost Congress in December, warranted the construction of and relocation(of the services) to the much larger auditorium, which upon completion will measure 3 kilometres by 3 kilometres in size(area: 9 km2). Holy Ghost services are also held at different times in other locations around the world including the U.K.(where it’s known as the Festival of Life), the U.S., in Asia, and on other continents. The RCCG runs bible colleges and school of disciples headquartered in Nigeria, with many campuses in the UK, Europe, Middle East (Qatar) and a few other continents.

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