Pastors’ Seed Family (PSF)

There is a relatively new movement in The RCCG called the Pastors’ Seed Family (PSF). It is a forum for the wards/children of Pastors and Ministers in the RCCG to come together as a body to share areas of common interest, encourage and develop one another in all spheres.

It commenced in 2008 during the Annual Convention of the church and since then, holds its meetings at the International Youth Centre of the Redemption Camp during the Special Holy Ghost Service in March, Annual Convention in August and the Holy Ghost Congress in December every year.

There are awareness programmes and inaugurated chapters in Nigeria, United Kingdom, Ireland, North America, Canada, Kenya, Zambia and South Africa. The UK chapter already has its annual conference which fitst held in April, 2015.

The coordinator of RCCG PSF International is Leke Adeboye, a child of Pastor Enoch Adeboye. Leke is also the Senior Special Assistant to the General Overseer of the church.

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